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Was pretty much excited to try the salted egg lava donut! [email protected]$12 - cos it was late into the night! Not sure if it’s because the donuts had been left through the day- there’s the bad stench of oil which left a bad aftertaste on the tongue. The donuts were a LET DOWN! Not just from the oil but also, from a time agnostic perspective, the ‘salted egg lava custard’ tasted nothing close like salted egg. It didn’t taste like normal custard either. All in all, it was just a custardy texture which tasted rather bland. The donut crust was overly sugary and sweet. All I could taste was the icing sugar, and the saltiness within me after the huge disappointment. Definitely not worth the spend of $3.50 usual price tag 🏷 (and not even when it’s discounted too!!!)