Brew & Bar is a new Perankan eatery in Tanah Merah that has taken over Foo House. Affordable and with portions that’s perfect for small groups, we were overall quite satisfied by the food. Even though we went when they were having a private event, they gladly accommodated us in One Bistro a few stalls down (same owner) where they brought the food over.

The assam fish head had just the right amount of heat and sourness from the assam that you just want to ladle all over your rice. The fish was moist and cooked well too, perfect for sharing. You’ll find some vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes and ladies fingers strewn about.

While service was friendly, we really picked an off day to visit due to the private event (rice only came a while after food was served, etc) but I’m quite sure it was only due to our special arrangement that this happened.

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