From Supertea at Millenia Walk; a new bubble tea kiosk serving up tea and dirty buns with a small dine-in area at the back of the shop.

Went for it wanting to try the Dirty Bun but ended up being more impressed by the Oolong instead. If anything, the Dirty Matcha Bread carried a texture of a stodgy neighbourhood bakery bun — a little stiff and a bit dry; the Matcha also didn’t really quite pull off, mostly drowned in the white chocolate that is smothered above. The cream within was exceptionally disappointing; carried that promising green hue that speaks of matcha aesthetically but just bland in taste.

Oolong Cheese Tea was good however — admittedly, going for 30% sweetness was a mistake for how the savoury and smooth layer of cream cheese above felt like it needed something sweeter to compensate for the savouriness, but both elements were good on their own; the tea being especially aromatic on its own. Would probably be tempted to get one again if I were to pass by again (which is, well, pretty likely!).