Being seated indoors might be a little less cooling than the al fresco setting, but the excitement came every time the staff served the food, especially this Pork Lovers (S$19.00) main course that could also double up as a sharing platter. In this dish, I got to taste pork belly done two ways: braised and roasted.

The braised pork (“lor bak”) was marinated in Coca Cola before braising, so that rather than being flavoured by soy sauce and spices, the meat from here was still fragrant without losing the original flavours of pork belly. While staying substantial, I was hoping for the meat to be slow-cooked a while longer, perhaps to reach a point where the braised pork could achieve that “melt in the mouth” effect.

On the other side of the plate, their roasted pork (“sio bak”) fared equally well. This time, the meat was juicy with the thin layer of crackling pig skin, which was marinated with Sichuan pepper. Having that with some of the chilli sauce dip made every chew so delightful, I hoped that I had some fragrant rice and soy sauce to go with the meal, just like what we would have from coffee shops.

Too much protein in a meal? No worries, for this would also be available as a Main Course deal that could be redeemed by Burpple Beyond, so one could just order another main course and some ginger rice, and that would be a hearty dinner before browsing their drinks menu.


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