Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero ROJI ($6.40)
@RojiChaseki recently opened at Raffles Exchange and carries a range of aromatic teas with samples displayed prominently at the store front. I smelt each test tube and fell in love with the scents from all of them but for starters, I tried their Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero as the warm weather really demanded an iced cold treat. The drink came with complimentary cheese foam which I found to be way better than those served at Liho and Heetea as the cheese flavour was light and only served to give you that smooth soothing mouth-feel with each gulp. The purple sweet potato taste was also very distinct with tinge of roastiness which I really enjoyed. My only gripe about the place was its lack of manpower which was essentially a one-man show that led to a 25 minutes wait with just 4 customers in front of me. Kudos to the service staff who remained pleasant and polite and got all the orders correct in the face of a small crowd of customers waiting!