The food trend in Singapore is constantly changing, and Pao Fan is currently a trendy hawker dish with more and more stalls opening in hawker centres, food courts and coffeeshops. One of my favourite Pao Fans is from San Pin Pao Fan, opened by ex-jumbo veteran chef Ng Chong Lay. They have 4 outlets in Singapore and here’s the Mixed Seafood Pao Fan from their Tanglin Food Hall outlet.

The broth of their Pao Fan isn’t the super ‘gao’ type, but rather a lighter but still really flavourful kind of broth that I really enjoyed! My favourite is the Mixed Seafood Pao Fan, which consists of ingredients like seafood (prawns, clams & mixed Fish), bittergourd, fried egg floss & sprinkles of fried rice puffs. The seafood were really fresh and went really well with their tangy Thai chilli sauce, while the crispy fried rice puffs added to the texture as well!

Do note that the food prices at their Tanglin Food Hall outlet are slightly higher than their other outlets (probably due to higher rental here). Their other 3 outlets are at Foch Road (main), China Square Food Court & Bedok Foodhub, with a 5th one opening soon in Jurong East. Do note that operating hours at each outlet might differ as they stop cooking once the broth runs out.

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