SWIPE for a preview of some of the dishes that went down that night and see if you can tell what they are!

Offering a variety of meats, cuts and parts, as well as veggies, seafood and non-hotpot options, you will surely be spoilt for choice as you browse through the fresh selection which include Prime Fresh Beef Tripe ($12), Swine Throat ($13), Prime Beef Tongue ($17), among several other choices! Of course if everything I mentioned has freaked you out a little, you can also select from Pork Belly ($8) or Australian Prime Beef ($18), to name a few.

For the soup bases, you can select up to three types, with a choice between THREE levels of mala. My personal favourite is the Pork Bone and Spicy Soup ($15) because it is flavourful but not too heavy and is the safest option is terms of keeping the original flavour of your food as much as possible. Having it at a level 1 spiciness, it was really easy for me to drink. Level 2 would be my 'last warning' point which I tried with the Tomato and Spicy Soup ($16) that I also enjoyed actually! For personal reasons I did not try the Spicy Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot ($18) with which was given a level 3 spiciness; I could feel the heat from a distance so I assumed it'd be safer for me to avoid. 😨 There is also Mushroom and Spicy Soup ($15) for those who'd be interested!

If you need your sauces, there's a station to make your own, featuring a wall othat suggests combinations to go with your food! I personally love the sesame oil which comes in a red can as well as the vinegar which you can put after you've selected your condiments!

On a whole, it's been a really loooong time since my last hotpot experience and Xiao Mu Deng definitely satisfied and filled me up so bad I couldn't even think about supper. All's well that ends well I suppose. 😂

Thank you @xiaomudeng_hotpot for the HUGE spread and @foodinsing for having me at the tasting! 🙏🏻