The interior was decorated so dreamily. I felt as if I was walking into a scene out of a children’s storybook. ⁣

📷 In frame: Vanilla Bean, Caramel, and Earl Grey Gelato ⁣

The moment I tasted Joy St.’s gelato, I was swiftly reminded of the difference between gelato and ice cream. Gelato is typically denser, more flavourful, and smoother (albeit being lower in calories!) than ice cream due to the lower amounts of air incorporated. ⁣

✨ I was a big fan of the silky, cool gelato offsetting the warm, fluffy waffle. Of the three flavours I sampled, my favourite has to be the earl grey flavour. The caramel flavour was just okay to me; it reminded me of cereal milk. ⁣

💬 However, I felt that the Vanilla was far too sweet. While I was midway through the gelato, it got a bit cloying. I wanted some water badly to wash the sugar down but unlike at Inside Scoop, you have to pay RM2 for water here. Will make a point to revisit and try out more flavours still! ⁣

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