With no shortage of quaint coffee shops to sit and sip along Keong Saik Road, The Daily Roundup’s interior boasts a lovely industrial yet cosy vibe. And when better to appreciate the space than when it’s dark and gloomy out, with a cup of hot tea to warm you up or a refreshing drink as a perfect accompaniment to our blazing afternoon sun.

Serving a sweet variety of crêpes, the Berries ($14) comes with a medley of seasonal berries, creme Chantilly, caramelised almonds and red fruit coulis. A good balance of tanginess and do remember to couple that with a scoop of Vanilla Bean ($4) ice cream to amp up the factor of lusciousness. The crêpe itself, made with premium wheat flour was distinctly light and slightly stretchy when pulled apart. Though the price is the main deterrence for me, their Roselle Hibisus Iced Tea ($8) was a thirst-quenching concoction to wash the crêpes down!