An awesome collaboration between @Impossible_foods x @rollwithmakisan result in this Mayo Bonito Burger. If you have rice patty before somewhere else, you might be familiar with the texture of this Tempura rice patty. The umami flavour is bustling through our bite and who wouldn’t love cheddar cheese in the burger. πŸ§€ 🍀 πŸ”
The star of this show gotta be the meat free patty that we can’t really tell the difference from meat patty. We love the fact that many food brands including maki-San are going green!! & not only this item but more optional vegetarian dishes in store!! πŸ’š
πŸ’‘Tips: their Cathay basement outlet has dine in space unlike the other outlets (some don’t have seat like Cineleisure)
🀟 Enjoy 20% off for their Impossible Burger using Singtel Dash πŸ€‘ you might be surprised by the tiny size of their impossible burger so order something else as well if you have big appetite like us 😜
P.S. we forgot to take pic when we unwrap the burger as the hunger took over.🀀