Still a little too early for school and ended up at Coronation Plaza and got a little tempted by their Tiramisu sitting in the display chiller which costs around $3.90 which struck my attention in pure randomness (let's just say that these things usually would not catch me on a usual day).

Can't expect much given how this place sells western food on a budget which is rather popular with students and residents in the area, but apart from the dry coffee-flavoured sponge cake layers the Tiramisu cake carries smooth, sugary cream cheese that is spiked with rum flavouring (not surprising given its clientele here) and with a good amount of cocoa powder sprinkled atop. Of course, this is leaps and bounds away from what an artisanal or even actual Tiramisu should be, but it's that sort of cake that makes me feel like I want to be kid again.