The folks at Brawn & Brains Coffee is at it again — yet another one of those new flavours for their donuts which they have added to their line-up recently. Whilst chocolate donuts are pretty much a common offering almost everywhere, they have taken it a step further by creating an alcohol-infused flavour out of it and pretty much ended up with this Beer & Chocolate Donut. Expect the same old donut from Brawn & Brains that is nothing short of being fluffy and pillowy, coated with sugar crystals on the exterior and not particularly greasy that comes with Beer & Chocolate filling within — the filling hints of a chocolatey sweetness that is rich, decadent and creamy; not cloying nor heaty, but it is that light, stout-esque finish at the end that gives it a flavour contrast that sets it apart from the usual chocolate donut seen elsewhere. While I am one who does not typically go for chocolate desserts, the Beer & Chocolate Donut is one that I would consider having if I do come across the item at the favourite place next time!

PS: The elusive Matcha Cold Brew seems to have made its return to the display fridge at least at the Guillemard Road outlet yet again — not sure if it is going to be a permanent feature, but now you know!