Few restaurants wow me these days but pistachio Grill definitely sits at the TOP of my list. This place puts Michelin graded restaurants to shame literally 🤣.

If I can go back to the same place within 10 days - it says a lot .

Chef kaled nailed every dish with such finesse , care and sincerity . Soul food is what I call this .

The Chicken was tender and marinated with complex flavours - I can’t even break down its components because everything was held together so perfectly .

The saffron rice was light and fluffy and I assure you - you just can’t have enough of it .

The extremely salad with the tangy yoghurt sauce was a nice way to balance out the meal.

Everything is about top quality , balance and flavours at pistachio .

Service is extremely extremely good - you get to see Chef Khaled going amongst the restaurant to see his customers - extremely humble and talented Chef who cooks with so much love .

If only we had more of such places to visit in Singapore .

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