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 Couple Or Group Meals

Couple Or Group Meals

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Kim's Family Food (Lorong Kilat), YY Kafei Dian, Jai Thai (Purvis Street), The RiceTable, IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Chin Chin Eating House
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For those of you who are still struggling to find a place for a good cny gathering - don’t fret .

Ah Hoi boasts a good menu of dishes at very affordable prices.

I love the presentation of the yu sheng - the fried fish skin just makes the dish look so much more inviting .

Be sure to get an order of chilli crabs and their clams seafood white bee hoon and ginger chicken .

For a twist , add on their house speciality thai fried pineapple rice - really really good.
Served in a pineapple shell - you are sure to Wang Wang Wang all the way for 2019 🍍

I love how the restaurant looks out to trees and the swimming pool - it makes it feel like you are really dining at home 😊

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It’s nice to revisit rice table again after a hiatus for 10 years .

It’s the same cosy place and food is still good.

The Tahu Telor alone is worth coming back for time and time again.

Crispy egg with toufu and then drenched with an aromatic peanut sweet sauce .

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You are still the same ....

I have been eating at this place with my family since 12 and they are still here 😝

At 18.95 nett, I would say that this Indonesian alar carte buffet presents lots of value .

The satay is incredibly good and juicy with a Smokey peanut sauce .

Other good dishes are the soto Ayam soup, beef rendang , Tahu telor , sayor lodeh , otah , soy sauce chicken and the tangy orange and Apple salad .

What an ingenious and creative dish ... ...

I haven’t seen this dish outside so this must be a unique creation by the Chef .

Crisp beancurd skin fried till golden brown and with a fresh shrimp enveloped within .

Best to Order when you have a large enough group to share 😊

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Zi ran seafood

I love this quaint little Coffeeshop because they serve up pretty good tze char fare - not only in taste but also in price and presentation.

I usually shun tze char stalls in coffee shops because most don’t meet my standards so I am very grateful that a relative recommended this place .

The prawns are crunch and well seasoned and the crisp curry leaves just add such a lovely kick to the dish .

Very well executed - better than a good majority of restaurants I must say .

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I love how this nian Gao is so crisp on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside with yam and sweet potato ...

Part of ah hoi’s cny menu .

What a great way to celebrate 🎉 lunar new year’s eve with the family . . .

Not only pretty to look at but very fragrant with a nice floral note and also soothing for the throat .

Very QQ and not too sweet 😊

What could be heartier than a warm eggy and spongy crepe filled with loads of forest field mushrooms , cheese and a healthy portion of raw salad.

Paired with a side of fresh green salad and a creamy mushroom sauce .

Like this soft crepe roll better than the regular tough and hard wraps as these crepe rolls are freshly made 😍

Pretty good smoked salmon Loh hei salad to kick start the festivity .

Vegetable were fresh and topped with crispy fish skin .

There are 2 schools of pancake lovers - some like theirs fluffy and some like theirs a little chewy 😊

This belong to the latter .

The natural sweetness of the fresh pumpkins intermixes with the tangy sourdough flavour.

Healthy pancakes 🥞!

I have tried pad thai in many places and I still keep coming back to Jai thai because they do it my way - the way I like it .

The pad thai is not oily at all ( how is that even possible ???) , not too sweet and the noodles are of a q q texture .

My only complaint is the crystal looking prawns...

Will remember to open for my usual vegetarian phad thai the next time round 😊

Very affordable thai food in central area .

Such a hearty dish of warm silken toufu drenched with a tasty thai basil chicken sauce that’s not too salty.

Pair it rice ( lots and lots ) 😝.

I dream of food .

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