Couple Or Group Meals

Couple Or Group Meals

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Kim's Family Food (Lorong Kilat), Jai Thai (Purvis Street), IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), Chin Chin Eating House, The Banana Leaf Apolo (Race Course Road)
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Friends who know me know how I like interviewing the waitressing staff before ordering .

If its the orh nee I want - better give it to me homemade - otherwise no deal 🙅‍♀️.

This homemade orh mee is 100 percent yam with no fillers . Not too sweet and a portion is good to share amongst 2 .

Creamy and decadent .

Will be back for more ...

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Flavourful chap Chye with lots of chunky and thick cut high quality mushrooms which is a rare find these days - most places use the cheaper sort and cardboard paper thin mushrooms.

Vegetables were well stewed till soft and the fish was well seasoned without being too salty or greasy .

Very authentic .

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This was faultless - you don’t need to get to a private dining kitchen to get private dining food standards.

Perfectly made ngo Hiang with lots of crisp water chestnuts , aromatics and well marinated meat.
This ngo Hiang was delightfully light and not greasy . Beautiful !

Comes with homemade sambal Belachan and sweet sauce and a small side of achar .

One of the best ngo Hiangs I have had .


Homemade sambal

Nice fresh meaty stingray with homemade sambal .

I like this nonya style of sambal which is less of the sickening sweet kind - more savoury and aromatic with spices .

Generous portion of fish !

Worth a try !

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I grew up eating fish prepared this way at dragon city restaurant ( at orchid inn hotel ) - most wouldn’t have heard of this place because it has since been torn down to make way for the current raffles club .

So pleased to find these crisp soy beans again .
It is so fragrant , crisp and addictive - once you start , you cannot stop i assure your .

The fish is perfectly steamed , supremely fresh , smooth and has the texture of cod fish - it is so good - I really felt so touched eating it because so much care has gone into the details of this fish .

From the freshness of the fish to the superior soy sauce used and the crisp cucumber condiments and the chopped spring onions and Chili for that little zing .

This made Valentine’s Day extra extra special for me .

Freshness redefined

Ah Hoi is the only place that I would go for my seafood white beehoon fix because the seafood is so fresh and portions are generous .

Lots of fresh clams, prawns in an broth full of umami . I asked for an egg to be added in for me - and the service here is always accommodating.

Probably the best rendition of white seafood bee Hoon. Well cooked bee Hoon soaking up all of that homemade broth .

Service is exceptional and friendly - such a rarity these days .

Best for couple and family meals because the setting is so comfortable - almost like dining in your own landed home - where you look out to much greenery and a nice pool view .

So sorry - for the first time in my entire history of posting - I did the unpardonable . Not taking down the name of the stall. It is the one thing that I can’t stand seeing postings omit and I have done it today .

Anyway - this economical bee Hoon shop is somewhere in the middle row - just quite near the granny’s pancakes.

They sell out by 1.30 pm - one of the more longer lasting stalls - other economical beehoon stalls sell out by noon.

This is my default stall to get my fried bee Hoon because it’s just so tasty you can eat it on its own - the bonus is , you get a mean tasting nasi lemak type sweet sambal chilli . You can be assured that you get your food fast too since there are no queues .

For 1 dollar, this can easily feed 2 .

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My favourite dish from Kok Sen is their beef and Kai lan rice .

Not cheap at 7 dollars but I assure you - with the quality of beef used and the generous portions - this could be shared between 2.

Not many Tze char places can beef as well as Kok Sen . You won’t get any of that soft , flappy , baking soda soaked beef here . The beef slices have a good bite and are marinated well and cooked to perfection.

Unlike most places that drench your rice with so much sauce , you can’t even see the rice , Kok Sen just serves their beef and kai lan with a light sauce and generous garlic just enough to whet your appetite.

My only complaint is that it might be better if the salt and oil was more sparingly used - 😂

A breath of fresh air in Cantonese cuisine

Painstakingly homemade charcoal tofu with a nice Slight “Tiong Tiong “ QQ texture fried till crisp but not greasy .

Adorned with a pumpkin crabmeat egg gravy - chunky chunky pieces of fresh crabmeat 😱

Very rare to taste such soulful food in a Restaurant setting .

Extremely impressed .

I’ve had roasted chicken but never encountered one so good .

I literally felt moved while eating it.

The chicken was moist, skin was so incredibly crisp and almost roasted until the fats between the skin and meat had melted away. The tangerine added a nice dimension to the dish but cutting through the savoury aspect of the dish with a slight sweet tinge .

This is michelin grade food. Absolutely mind blowing .

If you have tasted this - you wouldn’t settle for your roasted chicken fix anywhere else I assure.

On the last day of Chinese New Year , what better to order than a plate of hoe si Fatt Choy - 😁 symbolic of good things and good prosperity.

Plentiful of huge oysters , fa cai, thick mushrooms and spinach .

Wishing all a blessed lunar new year 🧧.

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Unknown to most , ah Hoi kitchen sits within hotel Jen’s poolside and whips up a few good local dishes .

Nice and quiet - perfect for family dining .

The pineapple rice is Particularly good here - full of wok hei , fresh pineapple slices and topped with lots of pork floss - very appetising .

Served in a pineapple - makes it aesthetically pleasing .

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I dream of food .

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