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 Couple Or Group Meals

Couple Or Group Meals

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Kim's Family Food (Lorong Kilat), Jai Thai (Purvis Street), IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), Chin Chin Eating House, Sushi Tei (Raffles City)
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Craving for a bowl of Orh nee that’s creamy and full of yammy goodness ?

I’d usually ask if the Orh nee is homemade before deciding If I would order. Some restaurants use pre packed ones that are so sweet - you wonder if sugar was free .

This Orh nee from Mu Liang zhai absolutely nailed it .

Not cheap at 6 dollars but sufficient to be shaded among 2 pax .

It is a simple dish but few have been able to do it right .

It is normally done too greasy - like a grease bomb .

This one was done so well - golden brown on the sides but moist on the inside .

Hei🦐 Zhou and homemade Toufu platter

Excellent homemade teochew delights hidden in a sleepy part of clementi .

Crisp and not in the least greasy .

Accompanied with a tangy homemade spicy plum Sauce.

Very very very good.

Rice steamed to perfection with braised chicken , salted egg and Chinese sausage .

As though you were dining in Hong Kong .

The fish portion seems to have shrunk but nevertheless still fresh.

My favourite place for a reliable and affordable good fish steamboat .

You get chunky slices of yam , baby spinach, seaweed and cabbage in your steamboat .

The soup base is just so full of umami from the fried dried sole fish .

And I promise you wont feel thirsty after drinking the soup😊

Service is fast and prompt - dont expect friendly smiles though 🤣

Homemade apple cake - pretty enjoyable and not too sweet but the base of the cake was a little too wet and dense so definitely a few marks to minus for that 🤣.

The vanilla bean ice cream however made up for part of it 😊 . Smooth , creamy , with a pretty authentic vanilla flavour .

This is the best chocolate ice cream .

Rich , velvety with a soggy bitter after taste from the dark chocolate.

Absolutely alluring .

At Pete’s Place , the dessert buffet also exceeds expectations. Other than the infamous tiramisu ,
You have a great rotation of very homemade type of desserts .

Vegan Apple pie , Oreo cheese cake, cream cheese doughnuts , cream caramel , fresh strawberries and fresh cut fruits .

Not forgetting their velvety rich chocolate ice cream which in my opinion , is the best I have eaten ( will feature this in my next post ) ....

This dessert buffet is a meal on its own .

If you must have one dish at Pete’s Place lunch buffet , it better be the crispy cauliflower.

Crisp on the outside and moist and tender inside.

Who needs fried chicken if you have this ?

Slap on some homemade tomato sauce and you are ready to roll ... ...

Absolutely a delight .

Good to note that the lunch buffet dishes are on a rotational basis .

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Home cooked tze char

Not exactly the most beautifully plated dish but I can Assure you hoy yong gives you taste and value for your ka-Ching ! The toufu is silky smooth and this dish is paired with minced pork and prawn - very unique combination I must say 😍

Scheduled my partner for a colonoscopy so he can’t take spicy stuff - my default choice would be the fiery Ma Po toufu .

Not related to food but for those of you with parents or family with a history of polyps or colon issues or are above age 45 . Please do yourself a favour and schedule your folks for a colonoscopy - I have yet too many testimonies to share about the saving of lives through early detection (sometimes it’s just about a simple day surgery to remove polyps instead of having to deal with them when they become malignant and cancerous )

Back to food 🤤... hoy yong is my all time favourite family tze char place because it is family owned. Taste the food and you know the integrity that they have as opposed to commercialised stalls out there . I have since decided not to dine at kok Sen ( which used to be my favourite ) after dining there for the last 10 years because they are simply too hyped up now and the food is too commercialised I feel.

From hoy yong - they their hot favourites like their silky egg horfun ( which I Prefer over kok sen’s ).
It has a good wok hei but isn’t oily or greasy - really takes some skill for that 🤗

Their other nice items are the steamed herbal chicken , smashed yam duck , Assam curry fish head, hei bee Long beans and their seafood / prawn dishes .


Quite an interesting and refreshing combination of crunchy burdock and carrots.

Sushi Tel has remained a reliable place for “ local” Japanese food .

Standards haven’t dropped neither have they improved .

Was hoping for more flavour in the rice or a better quality of Japanese rice used .

Everything on this dish was spot on .

Perfectly grilled fish on a bed of slithery smooth Soba and accompanied with fresh greens .

The tangy Japanese style vinaigrette brought the whole dish together in a beautiful symphony in my mouth .

Healthy and hearty .

I dream of food .

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