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 Couple Or Group Meals

Couple Or Group Meals

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), YY Kafei Dian, Kim's Family Food (Lorong Kilat), Jai Thai (Purvis Street), IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), The RiceTable, Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Chin Chin Eating House
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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My third time back at hoy Yang for their velvety egg gravy horfun. The horfun is smooth and of the right thickness and the condiments are fresh .
No wonder this is a house specialty .

The egg gravy horfun feels surprisingly light on the palate - no greasy and not too salty 😊

I could slurp up this horfun right up to the light drop of gravy .

Best to come in a group so you can order a few of their best dishes to share - ie crispy yam and duck , curry Assam fish head , Hk style steamed fish head , Mapo toufu , Kenya beans with fried shrimps , braised Dong Po Rou, steamed pork in lotus leaf .

Every dish is cooked with so much attention and love - you can feel the sincerity of the Chef .

It helps that this is a family owned business - you tend to get better quality and consistency of food 😊

One of the few last standing places where food feels so home cooked and so reasonably priced .

These morsels of carrot cake are filled with so much flavour from the radish and waxed sausages .

Taking them for a hot bath in oil until crisp outside and tender inside just brings them to another level.

Paid with their in house fiery chilli 🌶- this dish was so addictive.

My only gripe was that the portion could have been a bit more generous and there could be more eggs used for the dish .

Absolutely hands down my favourite bowl of porridge.

If the generous pieces of slice fish are not enough to impress you , the silky smooth porridge in a well seasoned broth will.

Absolutely absolutely excellent .

In my opinion, the best wanton noodles in singapore .

The plain noodles alone are already so good and bursting with a strong shrimp flavour .

Wait till you slurp it together with the soup and the juicy prawn and meat wantons.

The quality here is many times over that that of imperial treasures and crystal jade combined and so is the generous quantity .

This bowl of wanton Mee is even better than some of the “ authentic “ wanton noodles I have eaten in the streets of hk .

Very very commendable .

You get another level of shock when you see how reasonable priced this is .....

I have tasted char siew paos from all over and often disappointed with the sticky and overly sweet pao dough or lack lustre char siew fillings.

I have found the king of char siew paos today and they belong to none other than legendary Hk cafe at Jurong point.

Far from civilisation I know - but the perfectly fluffy pao dough and the well braised honey char siew with quality choice of meat is worth every effort .

The paos are sizeable - not some miniature and ridiculously small pao.

One is enough to take you to gastronomic heaven - it is that good .

Weekend high tea buffet

I was craving a good variety of kuehs for tea ☕️ time and where better than chill padi .

So I braved the heat and used my Google map to navigate the cafe from haw par villa station .

There was a nice variety of kueh -

Kueh dar dar - good
Kueh Lopez - good
Kueh ko swee - good ( but more towards ok )

Kueh salat -ok
Pulut tai tai - ok
Kueh lapis - ok

Tapioca kueh - not ok
Ang ku kueh - Super not ok

Generally , the kueh standards can be improved given that chilli padi is a nonya restaurant - shouldn’t that be their specialisation ? 😂

Chilli padi weekend high tea

Faultless fried chicken that was well flavoured and fried till crips but still maintaining a good moisture inside .

The chicken gets snapped up every time there’s a new tray but the replenishment is fast without sacrificing the quality of the food .

Probably one of the best fried chicken I have eaten so far 😊

The nasi lemak rice 🍚 served could have been improved though - a little too clumpy . So good excuse to cut the carbs and load the protein 🤣

Pretty well done omelette but strangely on the sweeter side .

I like my chai Po omelette savoury not sweet 😱

A hot meal at spring leaf Taiwan porridge with refillable sweet potato porridge .

Request for the meat slices to be leaner for a lesser guilt meal .

Detected quite a fair bit of msg - but I Guess this is how it is with eating out :)

This is da bomb 💥

While most would travel to ivins for their dishes -
Less known to many is their Mee siam which is absolutely absolutely authentic , rich and sedap.

Probably one of the best Mee Siams for me. Everything about it screams freshness .

1) fresh prawns ( no crystal looking prawns here )
2) Fresh home made sauce ( evident from the coarsely grounded rempah)
3) served piping hot 😊

I dare say this is the best fish from ivins .


Simply divine ... ...

I am apprehensive of ordering curry fish head because I have tried ones with too much coconut milk that you get sick of it after a while ...

However , this style style curry fish head was simply divine . A good combination of chillies and spices with a gentle undertone of coconut milk just to round the flavour off , this was probably one of the best curry fish heads I have had . It was slightly to the more savoury side with a slight tinge of sourish taste - so this was like an Assam curry fish head with thai spices ( if I can explain how it tastes like ....)

The ( red snapper ) fish head was huge and very very fresh and a whole ( truck load ) of assorted vegetables were added in to soak up the flavours .

At 25 dollars , this was sufficient as a Main course to be shared between 2 so extremely Waller friendly .

My most reliable place to go to for a consistently good quiche.

I love how marche’s quiches comes with a side salad for a more well balanced meal and that the quiche is not overly eggy or greasy .

The tart base is crisp and aromatic ( more a shortcrust pastry type than a puff pastry type ) And the quiche is generously filled with vegetables .

My only gripe is that I’d always have to convince the service staff to warm up my tart for me.
It sits on a warmer - I know ...... but only the base is warm and not the top .

Hence , always ask for your tart to be warmed up in their convection oven for a more enjoyable dining experience .

I dream of food .

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