Enchanted Cafe by Mosanco shouldn’t be a name that is unfamiliar for those who have been following the cafe scene for a while — the cafe is perhaps better known for their bottled brews which have been making the rounds on social media during the nation’s Circuit Breaker, and had recently opened its doors at Bukit Timah Plaza replacing now-defunct Our Secret Garden Cafe.

Went for the Oreo Crepe Cake to go with the Cold Brew (White), considering we made our visit here after dinner having passed by the place whilst walking around the area. The Oreo Crepe Cake does remind me a lot of the one from First Love Patisserie in the past — thin crepe layers smothered with light pastry cream that comes with a slight hint of buttercream notes whilst also coming with layers of soft chocolate cookies within; almost akin to that of a aptly sweet cookies and cream flavour with the textures of the various elements being pretty consistent to the pastry cream and very easy-to-eat. A great companion to the Cold Brew (White) — a slightly sweetened, milky concoction that comes with nutty notes that is pretty decent; something I wouldn’t mind having again, which I am pretty glad that they are now located somewhere closer and easier for me to have a convenient cold brew fix at Beauty World!

I didn't know Our Secret Garden is now defunct! Ohhh so sad, I just patronised them a few weeks ago... But I'm excited cos I just tried Enchanted's brew & I am loving it.