Lian Heng Pan Mee is famous in Subang Jaya. Serious. Ask anyone if they know the number-taking SS19 pan mee. Tho the old stall is still there in SS19. It was sold off to someone a few years back and I don't know if it tastes any different from the original Lian Heng. But feat not! They have opened a shop in USJ 1 called Lian Heng Pan Mee (someone forgot to sign a non-competition agreement) and is run by the original owner's son.

That being said, the place is full and packed during lunch hours by those who no doubt want a taste of that old nostalgia they once had. At time of writing, we were told that it was opened less than a week ago.

There was no menu to be found and it's RM 6 for small with no gst and only a few drinks to choose from.

The noodle itself was a tad disappointing in my opinion. Overcooked and the edges of the noodles had a texture of bread dipped in water (they only serve hand pinched pan mee). The soup itself was not bad with a strong taste of anchovy but the texture of the noodle just made your enjoy the dish less. Nothing more to ruin your day than soggy noodles.

Waiting time was pretty long as well which was about 20 minutes. Drinks came fast and be sure to come early or risk standing and waiting for seats during lunch.

That being said, I'm trying to think positive by saying this is only their first week and they might improve some within the next month. So we'll check back in the next month to see how it goes.