Got the Guinness pork ribs, 3 flavour chicken, 3 eggs spinach, deep fried brinjal. Honestly it was all nothing to squeal about; the meats and brinjal were too salty/sweet. Taste was too overpowering and wasn’t balanced well.

What was VERY disappointing was the service.
It was ABSOLUTELY bad. The waitress first told me that we could only use 1 voucher for Burpple Beyond, after which I said no, that’s not what the instructions says. Then she changed her stance and said, can use 2 vouchers but need 2 phones. Seeing the ordering taking place longer than it shld, a more senior lady (in rank) came to see what was happening, and corrected her saying 1 voucher can be used for 2 persons and 2 voucher for 4 persons. The waitress didn’t even apologised and walked away after confirming our order.

Lastly, we couldn’t finish our food and wanted to takeaway but was told that the free dish can’t be packed away. She said she mentioned this after we ordered (but she didn’t), and I said there is no such clause. She was adamant about it and say no taking away of your ‘for 1’ free dish, “I can pack the other dish, but your other free dish you can take away.” So I said, if you’re doing things to such an extend, I won’t take away anything at all then. The service here is really bad, perhaps they see us as BB users and treat us differently. Either way, if they treat customers who use vouchers differently, then it’s double standard. People in the service line shouldn’t even be treating customers like this. So I would suggest don’t come here, the food isn’t even jaw dropping enough.