And now i can have my 4 favourite Xiaolongbaos (Original, Salted Egg, Chilli crab & Truffle) in a single serving!!! Well, if their redbean pancake is your favourite dessert, then you also gotta try their redbean banana pancake!
1) Steamed Assorted Xiao Long Bao 招牌四色小笼包 $9.30/4pcs
2) Deep-fried White Bait in Wuxi Style 无锡小鱼儿 $8.80
3) Braised Eggplant in Special Sauce 宫廷酱茄子 $8.30
4) Sautéed Prawn in Hot & Sour Sauce 京烧明虾球 $20.80
5) Sautéed Colourful Vegetable Assortment 荷塘秀色 $15.80
6) Fried Mixed Grain Rice in Hot Stone Pot 石锅五谷炒饭 $14.80
7) Pan-fried Red Bean Banana Pancake 豆沙香蕉锅饼 $6.80
Last 2 days of 1-for-1 PROMO on selected signatures at all @crystaljadesg La Mian XLB outlets (except Changi Airport T1) during lunchtime till 3pm! (LO. 2.30pm). Only applicable for dine-in today and tomorrow. Now you know where to lunch!

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