Extremely crowded place for brunch but worth every minute of wait. ‘Cos by the headcount on a weekday morning you know the food must be goooood!) We waited for about 15minutes only tho! Service and turnover was rather quick, perhaps due to the spacious area and plenty tables! Tried the eggs benny and while the eggys were SUPER runny! I love how they’re so generous with the sinfully luscious hollandaise blanket. If you’re concerned about cheap bacon (like me), it’ll be heartening to know that it’s not the case here! So nothing like store-bought, overly limp looking and salty bacon spoiling your morning. For a refreshing and clean drink to balance out the sins from rather sinful brekkies, try the selections of smoothies! ‘Pash Me’ was a berry good mix with some passionfruit added for some crunch. Pretty addictive and velvety!