1) Bistecca: Black Angus Ribeye with baby carrots and potatoes in black pepper sauce

I had this in medium rare, and it was really not bad! The presentation was nice, BBQ sauce paired with the meat perfectly. Funnily enough I loved the potatoes and carrots and wished they gave me in greater portions. Would recommend one to share it instead though bc it’s quite a large serving and I couldn’t finish it :(

2) La Barca Funghi E Tartufo:
Creamy mushroom sauce with black truffle pate mozzarella and smoked scamorza drizzled with truffle oil

This was really good! Done perfectly and wasn’t burnt at all. The creaminess of the mushroom sauce wasn’t too overpowering for someone who can’t take carbonara, and the dough was done perfectly - not too soft. Paired with the mushroom and cream, it was really good. This may get a little gelat at the end, so would be good if you could share both the steak and this! Pretty addictive I found my fork reaching for more.

3) Panna Cotta: Drizzed with fruit drizzles with a hint of passion fruit.

After the heaviness of the two mains, I found this quite the perfect pairing. It looks smooth and bouncy, light on the palette especially with the fruity sauces decorating the plate. It vanished with a few mouths.

Side note:
Staff is super friendly and nice, feel free to ask anything. You need to pay for water! It’s 50cents per cup. They also have a wide array of drinks available that looked promising. The place itself is a cozy restaurant in KINEX, quiet and comfortable. Good for catch ups, especially on a weekday lunch.