Cielo Dolci ice creams aren't too bad but I still prefer Haagen Dazs' Rum & Raisin.
Here, the alcohol wasn't very distinct. I could only taste a little rum and there was very little raisins! 😭 Dark Chocolate Gelato is rather strong but I love it because it's dark Belgian chocolate! But when it comes to chocolate ice cream, it's inside scoop for me! 😂 Cielo Dolci ice cream is very smooth and creamy. But I wouldn't go for their normal flavours because I can find better ones. I should have tried their specials like nasi lemak or something. Too bad it was sold out! Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 16.90 - 2 scoops RM 13.90, alcohol + RM 3 - their ice creams are very pricey but I guess it's compatible with most artisan ice creams nowadays)
P.S. Friendly staffs and baristas! The person managing the ice cream bar is patient enough to allow you to test every flavour :)