I liked how they offer to heat up the breads upon order.
Their signature Sor Hei ($3.60) was a delight! Danish pastry that had a crisp layer while remaining fluffy and soft inside, with a bit of sweetness from the chocolate chips.

I’m quite over the whole matcha/ salted egg phase and here we’ve got a combination of the two - but the Green Egg Bun ($ 2.80) was very enjoyable! The bun was also soft and fluffy, so it’s pretty comforting to have it piping hot while the matcha salted egg is oozy - not too sweet with a hint of bitterness.

Caramel croissant ($3) - flaky, buttery croissants with caramel fillings that wasn’t too sweet, but personally felt the beautifully glazed layer on top was too thick, sweet and annoyingly sticky. Overall, I like it enough to order it again but will probably just munching too much of the caramelised layer.

They also offer toasts set ($5) - which we got the kaya toast, comes with two sous vide eggs and a choice of drink. Go for their Kopi Susu!