I am usually very tolerant towards substandard food and service, but today, I walked out of a restaurant in the middle of a 4-course meal for the first time. It is utterly disgraceful and unacceptable to keep customers waiting 50 minutes for a starter of undercooked scallops and stone-cold potato croquettes, and then another 20 minutes for diluted soup that appeared to have been sitting out for 30 minutes before being served.

The waitstaff were generally inefficient, walking to and fro absent-mindedly without clearing tables. (But I am slightly sorry for raising my voice at one particularly apologetic waitress, high enough to incur curious albeit approving looks from the nearest 5 tables.)

To top it all off, the negative feedback I (and other irate customers) left on their Facebook page was removed in less time than it had taken to serve me two courses. Guess they're efficient that way.

That's really horrible! Is this by the same place as Dozo?
I'm not sure, but a friend told me last night that she thinks they're affiliated.
Dozo is not much better I was told. Really sound bad.
Steve G hmm, I've heard the food at Dozo is good, though the service is far from that. Really boils down to management, I guess.