Feature :
💕Sakura Chicken thigh
Served with red bechamel Mac n cheese
💕Pidan Pork Dumpling
Served with mushroom chilli oil and Tsukemono
💰$18 for 3 pcs
💕Argentinian red prawn rigatoni
Served with nantua sauce, shishito
💕Tofu miso duxelles fried gyoza
Served with thousand Island and onions pickle
💰$16 for 3 pcs
💕Hokkaido Scallop
Served with petai miso beurre Blanc and summer squash
💰$24 for 2 pcs
💕Hojicha Tiramisu
Served with hojicha Syrup and hojicha dust.

My fav is the Sakura Chicken thigh, the chicken thigh tender and juicy inside, while outside have light char on the skin, served with comfort yummy bechamel Mac and cheese.
I can see myself order this and pair it with red wine glass 😋.

Thanks @jioeatanddrink for jio me
25 Dempsey Rd, #01-04

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