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Mango Sticky Rice 🍸: Russian Vodka infused with Thai Jasmine Rice, Coconut Flakes infused with Mauritius White Rum, Mango Puree, Lemon Juice, Coconut Milk.

A refreshing cocktail that was a joy to drink. The sourness of the lemon juice balanced the sweetness of the Mango. The coconut milk is served on the side - taste the cocktail on its own, then add the coconut milk to your desired taste. Thumbs up for that! (I added all of the milk 😇)

Important Note: If you're sitting next to the fan, your coconut flakes WILL fly all over the place. Poor waiter apologised & got me a new leaf with new flakes. It's ok dude, it's not your fault..

The other cocktail on the bottom right - Black Tea Bergamot 🍸: Earl Grey Crème Gin, Bergamot, Vanilla. A pleasant drink with a creamy, strong tea taste. Not too sweet.

Thanks to #GetChug for fueling my cocktail explorations!