Fine dining at a coffee shop? Who would have thought that such an unusual pairing could actually work!

Best known for their dedication in delivering the heartiest prawn broth, One Prawn & Co is venturing deeper into the sea and fishing out the finest seafood for their latest dinner concept. Watch as their local prawn noodle restaurant in the day transforms into a 12-course Seafood Grill experience after sunset!

The first thing that struck me was the laid-back atmosphere. Unlike traditional fine dining establishments with a formal and elegant setting, this coffee shop exuded a calm and welcoming vibe.

At $128++ per pax, their 12-course showcases a variety of seafood ranging from fresh oysters to charcoal-grilled turbot. Each recipe is meticulously formulated to shine a spotlight on the respective seafood delicacy and elevate its qualities. Top up $30++ for free-flow house pour Sake!

It's a refreshing departure from the usual stiff fine dining scene and offers a unique and memorable culinary adventure.

Do note that limited slots are available and all dine-ins will be strictly by reservations only.