Quite like the name suggest, the menu offers several avocado options. Apart from fresh avo in the side dish options, you can also opt for the avocado hummus and the Avogrinch guacamole. Also under the dressing, there is an avocado remoulade (mayonnaise based aioli).

Overall, enjoyed this bowl of proteins & greens. Loved the chunky juicy tempeh, and how it’s nuttiness is well complimented by the sweet miso glaze. Dory was slightly under seasoned. Also enjoyed my choice of side dishes, well roasted Brussels, flavorful hummus & the punchy eggplant!

My bowl consists of:
Base: lettuce & spinach (supplement $0.50)
Proteins: miso tempeh, lemon baked dory
Side dishes: roasted Brussel sprouts, spicy eggplant, avocado hummus
Topping: sesame furikake
Dressing: pesto (how can I not!!! my fav)