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CBD Eats

CBD Eats

Food hunt in raffles place, tanjong pajar, outram park area ^^
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Boston Hunter - choice of cheddar bagel with shredded pull pork, pineapple salsa, Southwest sauce. Not the bagel with the most ingredients but definitely packs a punch with the intense, rich flavors fusing together. Pull pork was so saucy and tasty! Good balance of sweet, tangy and savory. All in one!! Loveeee it! 😋

New menu alert! Waited with so much anticipation and yes, they have finally launched their summer menu on 1 June. (Check Deliveroo for latest menu for now!) .

No changes to base apart from brown rice becoming brown rice pilaf. Minimal changes done to the protein options, with chicken thigh being replaced by teriyaki chicken thigh and dory filet being replaced by lemon butter dory. Chili lime shrimp have been retained (OH YES, PRAYERS ANSWERED) .

A little bit more exciting moving onto the
supplements: button mushrooms now replaced by oyster mushrooms, parmesan Roasted cauliflower replaced by honey sesame cauliflower (this got my attention!), spicy garlic eggplant replaced by grilled eggplant (😫), honey sesame tofu replaced by miso tofu. The following supplements have been removed - ginger soy glazed edamame, sambal tempeh, Brown butter carrots. Well, you lose some and you win some! New additions are - cucumber salad, zucchini & falafel! .

Toppings are pretty exciting too, almost got a revamp here apart from the honey baked sunflower seeds which withstood the test of time. They’ve brought back korean chili flakes. (Miss the chili crips!! With the mala tofu) We now also have green raisins, fresh scallions, crispy fried shallots, and chopped walnuts! Said goodbye to shredded Nori (my fav!), croutons, garlic chips, chopped cashews and fresh cilantro! .

Lastly, the make or break - dressing!! Saw some lovely additions Sichuan olive oil, ponzu, raita (Indian yogurt sauce with cucumber, mint and cilantro), sambal olek (my choice! got kick damn shiok!!) We also lost some good soldiers who have served us well - curry leaf olive oil, ranch, yuzu and salsa. Of course, the best dressing will always remains a staple - pesto vinaigrette!

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Flan parisien a la vanille. Good old flan, with quality vanilla pod specks. Creamy and comforting.

Valrhona chocolate mousse, Rice Krispies & Raspberries. Nothing to shout about, quite a let down if you ask me after the amazing appetizers and mains.

Braised pork leg and belly, Morteau sausage, Green lentils & mash. Very hearty plate! Loved every component of the dish. The pork leg and belly both were tender and flavorful. Also enjoyed the combination of spices and aromatic herbs from the Morteau sausage, especially tasty with the creamy mash, balanced off with the earthy, nutty lentils

Guinea fowl breast, roasted root vegetables, garlic & thyme jus. Perfect cook on the fowl, with much of its moisture retained, and that crackly crispy skin. Paired with the delicious roasted vegetables comprising of golden beets, purple carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips & pumpkins. Yum!

Crabmeat salad, grapefruit, hazelnut & crème fraîche. Light and refreshing appetizer!

For appetizer, i got the butternut pumpkin velouté, sautéed prawn, wild garlic and croutons. Pleasantly surprised to find this light yet full of flavor. The creamy, sweet, buttery pumpkin absolutely compliments the briny flavor of prawns or crustaceans rather. Interesting take to steer away from the Thai influence flavor profile retaining much of its western roots. I do enjoy the use of curry or fall/autumn spices in pumpkin soups. Loved the half soaked croutons, bearing the full flavors from the soup yet retaining its crunch at the same time. What a delightful start to a meal!

Finely marbled, exceptionally juicy and packed with flavor. Comes with salad and fries (changed mine to sweet potato fries with no additional cost) Simple pleasures✌️


Juicy and well executed medium. Served with delicious pumpkin & parsnip purée, tabbouleh salad of tomatoes, cucumber & mint, roasted baby potatoes, lamb jus. Got this at a ridiculous steal at 50% off original price ($35) at Rookery at China square (Cross street exchange) via booking on eatigo. Don’t say bojio! 😏

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Loving the new spring menu (launched 1st March) from daily cut!! Mash potato (orange instead of purple this time) & spinach has made a comeback for base. Welcoming back plump and juicy chili lime shrimps. (No way should they be called shrimp, they are hugeee! Love the flavorful rub, very Thai!) Also enjoyed some of the new supplements - the sambal tempeh (dry rub and not overly spiced or oily) and honey sesame tofu (a little bit too sauced up but loveee the firm tofu texture). Some other interesting supplements include brown butter carrots, ginger soy glazed edamame, spicy garlic eggplant. Stuck with my fav dressing - pesto! Will be keen to try the yuzu dressing next time.

Healthy bowl! Petit size. (Very sufficient proteins)
Base - Cauliflower rice ($1 top up)
Protein - Gongbao chicken (too saucy for my liking, totally soaked the cauliflower rice)
Sides - Roasted veggie with garlic mixed herbs ($1 top up) (not a fan, too much onions and they were pretty raw😅), Thai style tofu
Topping - Soy egg

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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