CBD Eats

CBD Eats

Food hunt in raffles place, tanjong pajar, outram park area ^^
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Basic. Swapped the fries/salad for roasted vegetables.

Joining the buzz along Amoy road is this modern asian Japanese restaurant - Chichi dining, a concept by the same folks behind Nesuto. Chichi offers the plethora of creatively tweaked asian influenced dishes. Some hits and misses for me, the highlights were the iberico pork collar, the Ang Kar prawn and the crab XO fried rice!


Fragrant fluffy rice! Almost like our local chicken rice but with added depths of complexity, possibly due to the green apple for that zest.


One of the better ones I’ve had. Light and crisp, with generous coating of cinnamon and sugar. Perfect for dipping into the chocolate sauce or the coconut dulce de leche cream. Coconut soft serve was rich and creamy! Comes with pineapple, agave and toasted pecans

Got the green peppercorn and jalepeno gravy along with chicken fat rice and Chico slaw.

Fried chicken nuggets, apple and agave brined with Mexican spicy sweet and sour sauce

Great pit roasted chicken. Consistently tender and moist. Got the Chico slaw and roasted vegetable as my sides!


Boston Hunter - choice of cheddar bagel with shredded pull pork, pineapple salsa, Southwest sauce. Not the bagel with the most ingredients but definitely packs a punch with the intense, rich flavors fusing together. Pull pork was so saucy and tasty! Good balance of sweet, tangy and savory. All in one!! Loveeee it! 😋

New menu alert! Waited with so much anticipation and yes, they have finally launched their summer menu on 1 June. (Check Deliveroo for latest menu for now!) .

No changes to base apart from brown rice becoming brown rice pilaf. Minimal changes done to the protein options, with chicken thigh being replaced by teriyaki chicken thigh and dory filet being replaced by lemon butter dory. Chili lime shrimp have been retained (OH YES, PRAYERS ANSWERED) .

A little bit more exciting moving onto the
supplements: button mushrooms now replaced by oyster mushrooms, parmesan Roasted cauliflower replaced by honey sesame cauliflower (this got my attention!), spicy garlic eggplant replaced by grilled eggplant (😫), honey sesame tofu replaced by miso tofu. The following supplements have been removed - ginger soy glazed edamame, sambal tempeh, Brown butter carrots. Well, you lose some and you win some! New additions are - cucumber salad, zucchini & falafel! .

Toppings are pretty exciting too, almost got a revamp here apart from the honey baked sunflower seeds which withstood the test of time. They’ve brought back korean chili flakes. (Miss the chili crips!! With the mala tofu) We now also have green raisins, fresh scallions, crispy fried shallots, and chopped walnuts! Said goodbye to shredded Nori (my fav!), croutons, garlic chips, chopped cashews and fresh cilantro! .

Lastly, the make or break - dressing!! Saw some lovely additions Sichuan olive oil, ponzu, raita (Indian yogurt sauce with cucumber, mint and cilantro), sambal olek (my choice! got kick damn shiok!!) We also lost some good soldiers who have served us well - curry leaf olive oil, ranch, yuzu and salsa. Of course, the best dressing will always remains a staple - pesto vinaigrette!

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Flan parisien a la vanille. Good old flan, with quality vanilla pod specks. Creamy and comforting.

Valrhona chocolate mousse, Rice Krispies & Raspberries. Nothing to shout about, quite a let down if you ask me after the amazing appetizers and mains.

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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