Still the go-to place in my hood for some good ol' pratas, Enaq’s rendition is really one of my favourites. It is true that there are some issues with the consistency but I happened to go on a good day recently and it was pure crisp goodness. More squarish than the conventionally pratas, their kosong (plain) prata has those lovely tiny blisters which contribute to that charred dough flavour and not forgetting the buttery notes you get with each bite. Not overly doughy or greasy at all, the interior is also uber fluffy. Next up, the Egg Prata ($1.90) delivered almost the same crispiness from its exterior but with the added eggy fragrance. And what I love most is that their egg is distributed so evenly, thus the texture and taste are more balanced, unlike most which are usually spread in the middle causing it to be soggy.