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Yet another hidden find within JCube, Madlygood is a new ice-cream parlour situated just beside the ice skating rink across LiHo within the mall that serves up ice-cream with waffles, as well as in cups or cones.

Pretty spoilt for choice considering the sheer number of flavours they have — all of them being pretty unique including Nama Chocolate, Acai, Black Coconut Ash and White Chrysanthemum with Chinese Wolfberries. Ended up with this; a milky concoction that is smooth and spiked with sea salt for a slight savouriness that works out well with the creaminess, whilst coming with a floral aroma from the lavender that gives it a calming feel — a flavour that just feels light and relaxing to have. Also just as impressive would be the Alishan Milk Tea with Mocha (background); liked how the tea was simply aromatic; almost akin to that of bubble tea at 0% sweetness, carrying the bitter notes of the tea pretty well despite its creaminess while swirls of chocolate adds the "mocha" element that provided a bittersweetness that provides another dimension of flavours that brings it to another level. A pretty promising new outfit within the mall; well-executed, unique flavours that are both intriguing yet delicious — somewhere to certainly hit especially in the West. Looking forward to try the other flavours available soon!