Type: Restaurant/Italian

Good Italian food!

Ordered for takeaway as they were having a promotion on the website for this, yay! Pasta+pasta, pizza+pizza or pasta+pizza promotion. First time trying so I got one pasta & one pizza.

Also, no worries on your food getting cold, as they kept your food a thermal bag before you arrive for self collection. Nice! This is despite me arriving on time to collect :)

What I ordered:
1) Fresh Tagliolini Tomato sauce, Pesto and Burrata Cheese
- Seems really Italian. Not much additional ingredients, but you can really enjoy the flavors of the sauces. Fragrant pesto flavor complimented the tomato sauce and cheese well.

2) Pietrasanta Pizza
- Interesting combination as it comes with beef slices. Flavorful and the dough was tasty too. The crust was in between thick and thin, with a nice char to it (not chaoda at all).

Enjoyed my meal! A little pricey but worth what you’ve paid.

My rating: 5/5 ⭐️

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