had jap buffet for lunch tdy (don’t usually post pictures of buffet bc like idk how to plate food nicely hahaha but the dessert platter came out pretty cute so why not 😅) the food itself was pretty alright i guess but shoutout to the black pepper beef and the bean sprout egg stir fry these two dishes were bomb that stood out from the rest i literally had like 10 helpings!! (+ they had flavored detox water too which was kinda cool)

in pict is just some of the desserts cuz i only bothered plating and taking photo of my first round hahaha but overall it was quite impressive the cakes were soft and fluffy (plus points to decent frosting/filling that were not cheap cream) + the chocolate in all the desserts (including the chocolate fondue YES THERE WAS ONE) were of good quality they were thick and creamy w no artificial taste :-) the biscuity stuff/cream puffs were fresh and the creme brûlée and ice cream were flavourful (some buffet places they r like too icy or diluted — i loved the mocha one so much they had lil choc chips in them for texture too) OH lastly the mochis omg super good it was so soft and smooth it literally glides down r throat and the matcha/soybean powder is super legit (obvly a dessert person hahahahaha ok stopping myself here)