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kon’nichiwa 👘⛩🎌

kon’nichiwa 👘⛩🎌

Featuring Omoté, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, A Poke Theory (Telok Ayer), Manzoku, Rollie Olie (The Star Vista), Itacho Sushi (ION Orchard), Kei Kaisendon (Square 2), Hokkaido-ya, Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview)
Calida Aurelia Soh  👅
Calida Aurelia Soh 👅

tastewise it was pretty good at an affordable price of S$13.90!!!! the only downside was that there was a huge slab of “beef” that ended up being tissue paper wot even LOL

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the mango is always soft and sweet, which goes super well w the tangy lobster salad that has a nice bite

the fish is so fresh it nvr has that “fishy” smell even without any marinade — i don’t eat tuna normally but i always find myself finishing up everything including the tuna heh

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the rice was perfectly cooked and i rly liked the subtle sweetness and softness of the tamago that most places tend to neglect!! my only gripe was the portion was a lil small for me but i’m a large eater and for its price it’s rly decent :~)


the tamago wasn’t overly sweet as w most places as well which made it all the more enjoyable for me and i rly appreciated the slight stickiness of typical sushi rice which still managed to retain some form of fluffiness. overall a bowl w varying textures and flavours which was super satisfying and defo worth the $12.80 🤤

rare occasion they are back to their normal portion, nowadays the size has shrinked, but the quality of the ingredients is still always top notch. i love unagi, avocado and aburi salmon so it’s my all in one + the sauce is creamy, both savoury and sweet at the same time. the additional crunch for texture from the tobiko rounds up the dish v well too, rly shiok 😛

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nonetheless it was very comforting and satisfying. there were substantial amounts of beef slices, w the addition of tofu, loads of veges and glass noodles. love that the egg was on the side so u can slide it in and cook it to ur desired consistency hehe. the quality of the beef was actually rly good for its price too at $14. the only gripe i have was that the broth was slightly too salty for my liking but overall it was still delish!!!


loved the free flow sides and eggs; the ramen was exceptionally tasty but i rly liked the tofu, radish and macaroni sides too 😋 the seasonal okonomiyaki omelette and sunny side up was really well done, the sauces complemented the creaminess of the egg/yolk — if u break it on top of the rice (which had amazing texture) or the noodles they go so well!! the hamburg itself was juicy and tender, but nth fantastic ~ even the prawn tempura was much tastier!! the batter was light and crisp, w a fresh crunchy substantial prawn!! i think the sides made it a win for me. ps the coffee jelly is so good for dessert, the bitterness of the jelly cuts thru the saltiness of the steak and sides, and blends v well w the sweetness of the cream to make a satisfying dessert. there are fruits too so i do think it’s really worth the $20.80++ as a whole

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($18) they came all jiggly and wobbly, so i expected it to taste as pillowy and airy as it looks!! however, while light, it tasted more of those traditional ahma sponge cakes. in the centre it was slightly dry and bland too, but i guess that’s what the maple syrup and red beans are for!! had the iced soy latte ($6) to go with but nth much abt that ~~~ imo it was okkkkk but wasn’t rly worth the 45mins wait + it’s kinda pricey as well

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a decent amount of perfectly cooked, soft, tender, flavourful eel w just the right crisp char on the outside on a bed of fluffy rice (add the unagi sauce to further alleviate its flavour). it’s honestly so good + the appetizer which consists of an egg mayo concoction w brocolli and shredded chicken was delightful too


this came in a heaping pile!!! this was honestly affordable at its size of just $12.80. it also comes w all the side dishes which was surprisingly very tasty especially the potatoes (on the far left). even the egg drop soup was a delight. however, the beef while well marinated was on the tougher and rougher side :( nonetheless it’s still a very affordable and satisfying meal! .

ordered a portion of japchae and sundubu jjigae to share w a friend as well (sadly not in pic). while these were our “side dishes”, they actually fared much better imo as the glass noodles were springy and flavour ful without being overly wet + the soup was slightly spicy but super generous w the tofu and minced pork!! the egg stirred into the slightly spicy and sour concoction made it really appetizing as well. wld definitely return for those dishes!!


to ramble about my eats from all the foodtrotting i embark on

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