Have been seeing snaking queues at this fish soup restaurant for the longest time and glad that I finally tried!

The Red Snapper Fish Meat Steamboat ($60 for medium) came with several fish meat pieces and vegetable ingredients all heated using charcoal in the middle. The soup, being their signature, really did not disappoint as I was so surprised by the flavour of the broth. It is very robust and had alot of umami. You know they probably cooked fish bones in this for a very long time. The red snapper meat were meaty, though slightly mushy. Don't think this is the kind of fish we truly liked, though I didn't mind. Felt like though this may be a very good fish broth, its really expensive for the amount of fish meat given!

We also had to get their Prawn Paste Chicken ($15.80) which was fragrant and crispy, with pretty succulent meat. Definitely better than average.

Perhaps the magic question is if its worth the queue: I believe you can get good steamboat as well without the 30 min wait, but if the queue is shorter, this is something you can try!

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