🥦⚪️ Smoke & citrus, white pizza
📍 Craft Pizza, Singapore

I knew I absolutely had to visit @craftpizzasg again when they launched their new menu 😊 it was a good opportunity for me to introduce my new favourite eatery to some loved ones too anyway!

🥦⚪️ Smoke & citrus is the new white pizza on their menu, comprising of: smoked pancetta, broccoli, onions, green peas, smoked scamorza, lemon and black pepper.

The white pizzas definitely lean to have you filled a lot faster than their red pizzas, and this new one is no different. I definitely still prefer their red pizzas, but I really enjoyed the fresh veggies on Smoke & citrus.

🍕 The star of the show for the pizzas at Craft Pizza are their delicious crust 💓 crisp on the outside, pillowy soft and bready on the inside, this isn’t Pizza Hut where you skip on the thick crust. Not to mention that every table offers some chilli oil and EVOO for you to soak up the crust with!

Always a pleasure visiting @craftpizzasg for their wonderful service, delicious food and great ambience.


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