The chicken broth was surprisingly rich and flavourful! Quite hearty! I got the spicy version of their marutama ramen, not the aka ramen. The spicy and non-spicy marutama ramen LOOKS exactly the same but it tastes different! The spicy one have this peppery or spicy taste to it but it doesn't look spicy at all. The char Siew was really tender and melts in your mouth. I quite enjoy the egg as it's a little different from the ones I've tried. The center have almost a soft boiled egg texture to it.

I tried the ramen with the condiments provided like the fried garlic chips, sesame seeds and Chilli pepper flakes. The garlic chips are really fragrant but it overpowered the chicken broth. The sesame seeds does give it an extra Fragrance and the Chilli pepper flakes gives a more spicy kick to it. It isn't spicy at all for me but it may be different for others. The bill came up to be around $16+. The place is really quiet and empty when I went there. But I do see a few Japanese people having their meal there. Means this stuff is legit!!!

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