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Yummy Food I Try

Yummy Food I Try

Food that I just try cos it looked so yummy
Neko Eats
Neko Eats

This is the red ramen and it's already at level spice 4 and you can add on the spice level on your ramen sheet. I didn't add on the spice level and it looks extremely spicy. But when I ate it, I was really disappointed as it wasn't spicy at all. It's just the Chilli oil and the smell of it that made it look intimidating. The ball of miso minced pork was really flavourful with the soup. It tasted good overall but I wished it looked as spicy as it tasted. The Chilli oil was a little too oily for me and I was unable to finish the soup (which I always do). The price was around $20+

The egg was good but I prefer Marutama's egg.

I got spice level 5 with rich and strong garlic! Pretty good but slightly too oily for me! I also got firm noodles which I really like! The level 5 spice was just nice for me but I would recommend level 3-4 for those who likes spicy but not mcspicy level spicy. I got the pork shoulder which is more lean! Which I think is better cos the broth is already very rich and oily. Would go back again to try the other Flavours! It was around $19+

The egg was pretty good but I prefer Marutama's egg

It wasn't good at all. The gnocchi was mushy, the mushroom and meatballs were BONE DRY. The meat balls, when I chewed, it was like chewing on dry grainy jerky and rubber. It wasn't very flavourful and the onions weren't really caramelised as described on the menu.

My Friend had the smoked salmon pasta and there were only two very thin slices of smoked salmon with soggy old tomato pasta and it cost around $18. Really disappointed and didn't live up to our expectations. The staff were nice but the food was totally not worth the money at all. Even Hawkers center western is 10 times better than the food we got. Sorry but not sorry. Will not come back again sadly

The place was pretty empty at 5pm and the noodles were really good! The egg helps coat the noodles and help the other condiments stick to the noddles. I added some vinegar to mine and it really cuts the richness and gives it a tangy flavour. I added a karaage for $1.50! The chicken karaage wasn't Super mind blowing but pretty nice.
The minced meat is pretty spicy! But if you want a stronger kick, there's Chilli oil on the side to add into your noodles! Do mix the noodles for 20 seconds to fully combine the condiments!
Iced wheat tea really helps to balance the richness and they give you a small bowl of miso soup!
Pretty good experience 😊 would come again! Total bill $16+

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The chicken broth was surprisingly rich and flavourful! Quite hearty! I got the spicy version of their marutama ramen, not the aka ramen. The spicy and non-spicy marutama ramen LOOKS exactly the same but it tastes different! The spicy one have this peppery or spicy taste to it but it doesn't look spicy at all. The char Siew was really tender and melts in your mouth. I quite enjoy the egg as it's a little different from the ones I've tried. The center have almost a soft boiled egg texture to it.

I tried the ramen with the condiments provided like the fried garlic chips, sesame seeds and Chilli pepper flakes. The garlic chips are really fragrant but it overpowered the chicken broth. The sesame seeds does give it an extra Fragrance and the Chilli pepper flakes gives a more spicy kick to it. It isn't spicy at all for me but it may be different for others. The bill came up to be around $16+. The place is really quiet and empty when I went there. But I do see a few Japanese people having their meal there. Means this stuff is legit!!!

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The broth is really thick and has almost a creamy feeling to it. The char Siew have this porky taste that I personally don't really enjoy but it's really tender and melts in your mouth. I really enjoy the crisp vegetables in it which helps to balance the thick soup. I finished the whole soup and the spicy kick is really damn shiok. The egg is normal but it kinda reminds me of shin ramyun but a lot a lot thicker and rich. The bill came up to be around $20.

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$3 just For this huge portion!!!! It includes green chillies, yellow noodles, one limau, an egg, fried onions, veggies all smothered in thick Mee rebus sauce and topped with satay sauce. It was really good and filling!!! One of the best Mee rebus I've tried and really value for your money!!!

They Only Have Two Hamburg, One With Cheese Abd One Without. But they are awesome! It comes with 4 kinds of sauce for your Hamburg. The meat was so tender and soft! They also have a sauce on the teppanyaki kinda tasted like MacDonald's Big Mac sauce and the set comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup, one tempura prawn, fried tofu and grilled tofu. ALSO! Free flow eggs and salad bar! They have soft boiled, hard boiled, scrambled eggs, sunny side up, tamagoyaki and etc. Their salads have a wide range so no worries!


The DIY burger is a little pricey depends on how much and what you order but it's really yummy. Personally I wouldn't order the portobello mushroom again as it's $4 and it was a little bitter and too greasy for me. I also got 2 mozzarella sticks for $2. They have a few choices of fries like Chilli cheese, parmesan with truffle, salted egg yolk etc with a top up of $2.50. Would go again!

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Really yummy and the green tea taste is really heavy which I loveeeee! The thick creamy ice cream and the bitter sweet matcha really makes my day! It's a little pricey but once in awhile it's good to indulge. The seats are a little uncomfortable and the male staff looks annoyed and didn't talk much but the ice cream is still bomb 👌🏻

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The beef was really tender and I really like it. Added some seasoning and it tastes Super yummy!


It's really yummy and the meat is so tenderrrrr! It's on the pricey side but it's really worth it. They are usually very busy and it's best if you call in for reservations. You have to grill the meat yourself which I like as I usually prefer it medium rare or more rare.

They have beef sets and non-beef set. Which is around $40. The non-beef have prawns, scallops, deer meat etc. But prepare to splurge when you go there!

The marbling is really nice and there's Japanese and Koreans there. That's when you know that place is Super legit and good. Would love to go back to try the potato salad and lunch sets.


I just post pictures of yummy food randomly so if I don't rmb the price or location, whoops 💁🏻

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