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Have been reading the reviews for this on Burpple, so when my mom asked me out for dinner I suggested this place (make use of the 1-for-1 valid until 30 April)!
Was crowded on a Thursday night, it’s in the far end of JEM where Robinson’s is. There’s 4-fingers and Awfully Choc there now! A little food enclave. The table was a little close to the next couple but still alright. Couldn’t decide which to get.. in the end we ordered the vongole and tomato (without cream) after seeing our neighbor get the tomato one hehe. Also ordered a citrus ade (it’s like the Korean citrus tea with sprite). My mom loved the drink as they are generous with the citrus and we even dug out the peel to eat!

Noodles came, big portion maybe 3 small eaters can share two bowls. I like the wheat noodles though it wasn’t as al-dente as I would have liked, but still good and not mushy. The soups were delicious! Very generous with the toppings of clams and mussels for the vongole, and mussels for the tomato one. We both felt the tomato soup was nicer and more strong tasting. There was so much ingredients that we finished the noodles and still had lots of clams and mussels left!

Total damage was $27.20, very much worth it because of the 1-1 promo. Go try it!