Been ages since I went to this burger place, and the quality of the food and service is still high or even better. We had the Hans Im Gluck set ($24 + $4 for alcoholic drink) and the Henne set ($23 + $4 for alcoholic drink) and they were superb 😍 the burgers are really customizable, and don't expect the burgers to be sinfully juicy; they are known for their natural healthy tasting burgers and I must say the ingredients used are really fantastic. Furthermore, the portion given is ENORMOUS 😂

I enjoyed the cocktails as well, they were huge, I think 3 small cocktail glasses worth? You can taste the alcohol so you know they do put some in it ☺️ the set comes with a hot drink to end your meal right 😊

The service is absolutely amazing, with the waiters occasionally checking if we are okay with our food, and asking if we need anything else 😊 will definitely be back again!