Following in the footsteps of that one place which shall not be named that committed suicide by social media, the Betterfield is letting you slide some golden sticky icky onto anything you so desire for an additional charge of $10.

Of course, since it's the Betterfield, I had to have it on their exquisite Black Angus ribeye. While I was a little disappointed that the cheese had already hardened into a semi-coagulated blob atop the steak and was no longer runny liquid gold, there was no denying that it was still absolute cheesy deliciousness, being thick, creamy and slightly bitter as I stretched it out upon the steak.

As for the Black Angus itself, it has upheld standards well, being tremendously tender and juicy at a perfect medium rare, while the exterior was charmingly crusted, imparting even more flavor and a mildly crisp texture to the steak, which was just chock full of heavy, beefy sumptuousness.

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