A High Steaks Game

A High Steaks Game

For divine bovine that raises the steaks-uh, stakes, of the beef game.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

@blackcherrysg doesn’t just whip up piquant pizzas, redolent risottos and tantalising tapas, they’ve got options to satisfy the carnivorous caveman in you. Enter the Steak Florentine, or Bistecca alla Fiorentina as it is called in its native Italian, and is one of Tuscany’s most prominent culinary specialties. For $118++ at Black Cherry, you get a full kilo (before grilling) of prime T-bone steak done to your liking. Complemented by baked potato wedges, onion marmalade, pickled red cabbage, and carrot purée on the side, it’s a gargantuan meal.

While this is definitely a T-bone steak, I reckon it could qualify as a porterhouse steak due to the girth of the filet (the right side of the steak). What I can certify is that this is a stellar steak. We ordered it medium due to fears that it would be raw closer to the bone, but those fears were unfounded as the Florentine was mostly evenly cooked. We found out later that the steak is sous vide before getting a scorching sear, which explains the edge to edge consistency. The beef is tender & well marbled with fat, yes, even the filet. Most crucially of all, it’s simply but sensationally seasoned.⠀

The sides were decent enough, but should’ve been larger in serving considering that this steak could feed a party of four. The onion marmalade thrilled with its sweet & slightly sour flavours, the carrot purée pleased with its smoothness & sweetness, and the pickled cabbage was the ideal palate cleanser to curb the lavishness of the steak. However, the potato wedges were a bit of a dealbreaker, as they were dry, limp and bland. The wedges could & should be tossed in light olive oil, salt and herbs before baking one more time for a crispy crust, but oh well.⠀

Still, for mammoth meats to feed you & your fellow savages, Black Cherry’s Steak Florentine is a sterling selection. Thank you for your generosity, @blackcherrysg!

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The penultimate entrée served to us at @lumbre.sg was, without debate, the absolute best, blowing us all away with its ethereal excellence. The Beef Short Ribs with Smoked Cauliflower Purée and Broccoli ($36++) is the pièce de résistance of Lumbre’s wood fired grill, and showcases the chef’s mastery of the grill.⠀

The short ribs are taken from an Angus cow, and the quality of the beef is evident at first glance. The meat is so majestically marbled with fat that it leaves no doubt as to the tenderness of the short ribs. And they were tremendously tender indeed, and I swear my slice of short rib melted in my mouth. On god man, I barely even had to chew before it fell apart on my tongue. It’s stunningly smoky from the grill, and seasoned sublimely. The rich demi-glacé enhanced & turbocharged the already sapid beef, and was a great binder to tie the short ribs to its accoutrements.⠀

Speaking of the side pieces, the cauliflower purée was smooth as butter, creamy, and downright delicious. While it’s spectacular in its own right, it’s best enjoyed a little smear at a time atop a slice of that stellar short rib. All that richness may sound like too much of a good thing, the grilled broccolini on the side is there to rein the richness in and clear your palate. Smoky, a little bitter and vegetal, it’s the yin to the yang of the incredibly indulgent beef short ribs. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.⠀

While I do think that some items on Lumbre’s menu fail to live up to their price tag, the Beef Short Ribs are worth every single last penny you’ll splurge on it. It’s truly that transcendent.

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I’ve always been an aficionado of affordable, succulent steaks, and @braseiro_sg is a purveyor of affordable & succulent steaks. It’s a match! Braseiro’s signature steak is the entrecôte ($23++ for 200 grams, $28++ for 300 grams), which is the French cut of beef from the intermediate rib area. Ribeyes are the American name for it, and both entrecôte & ribeye are basically the same thing: a cut of rib steak.⠀

Technicalities aside, Braseiro’s steak is utterly sublime. As you might’ve expected, I ordered the larger three hundred gram steak and I’m mighty pleased I did. It’s grilled just barely to medium rare and seasoned very simply with sea salt and coarsely cracked black pepper. Each juicy, fabulously fatty & terrifically tender morsel was laden with primally satisfying beefy flavours. The salt, pepper and smoke from the grill accentuated the innate scrumptiousness of the steak, and each piece was a delight to devour.⠀

Each order of entrecôte gets you free flow sides of steak frites & salad. The garden salad is simply a palate cleanser to dial back the richness of the steak, and it serves its role well with its simple balsamic dressing. The frites, as expected, were thin shoestring fries that do go cold pretty quickly. They start off adequately crunchy & pleasant, but they get awfully greasy & limp the minute they lose heat. Don’t neglect the fries like I did, and you’ll probably have a better frites experience than I did.⠀

Wash it all down with the happy hour promo of 2 glasses of housepour merlot for $20++, and this scintillating steak dinner will rarely leave your memories. Honestly, not sampling Braseiro’s steaks is a huge missed steak.

@harryssingapore does a rather faithful rendition of the timeless brunch classic of Steak & Eggs. Other than the dish suffering from the same problem of being under salted as the rest during the Eatup, this was a beautiful beef & egg dish.⠀

A thick, juicy slab of Angus sirloin is grilled to a picture perfect medium rare. Even though it’s not the most tender cut of steak (it’s a sirloin, duh), it’s tender enough while giving you that soul satisfying chew that screams ‘I’m eating a big ass hunk of meat, are you not entertained?!’ to the primal parts of your brain. The sear is spectacular, and the secret steak sauce spooned onto the sirloin ain’t too bad either.⠀

The egg is fried absolutely perfectly, and the runny yolk lubricates the steak & fries with its creaminess. It’s not really necessary, but hey the more the merrier. While the dressing on the side salad was delish enough to made veggies edible, it was a tad too wet. Still an indispensable part of this succulent steak dish though. Pair this brunch classic with one of Harry’s brilliant beer cocktails for an ebullient start (or end) to your day.⠀

Once again, thank you so much for hosting me @harryssingapore & @burpple!

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Everyone sleeps on @hottomatosg due to them being a fast casual restaurant chain that caters to students and youth without much money to spend. However, that’s where you lot are robbing yourselves. You see, Hot Tomato is affordable, but the quality of the food is rather respectable.⠀

This Ribeye Steak & Garlic Shrimps got my post gym bulking meal proper sorted for a whopping…$19.50++. That’s right, even with all taxes in, the damage wouldn’t even come close to twenty five bucks. While this succulent steak isn’t wagyu, Black Angus or anything remotely fancy, it is exceptionally well marbled with fat and is tremendously tender. It’s seasoned superbly and adeptly grilled to a marvellous medium rare, just the way god intended when he created the ribeye part of the cow.⠀

While the steak was supremely stellar, the garlic shrimp were just as glorious. Yes, I know it’s probably frozen shrimp, but they were stunningly supple and delightfully snappy, almost like fresh shrimp. While I would’ve preferred that the shrimp were saltier, the garlicky roasted tomato oil mixture that the five shrimps swam in were delicious enough to pass.⠀

However, as can be expected of the price point, the accoutrements were where Hot Tomato bottled it. The parmesan fries were effectively unseasoned, and grated parm has an adhesive rating of about zero so it was never gonna work out. The coleslaw, while acceptable, deserved more salt, and in an ironic twist, Hot Tomato’s grilled tomato ain’t too hot. You see, the main problem with a tomato is that watery, squishy seed part. Remove it, and tomatoes are actually not disgusting. As you can see, this one was still in and ruined the tomato.⠀

Still, for under twenty five dollars, Hot Tomato is serving up some delectably hot stuff. Don’t pass on Hot Tomato like a hot potato, the food here is actually rather tasty.

@joshsgrill is yet another entrant into the battle royale that is the affordable, casual steakhouse market. Facing off against the big boys who’ve been established for far longer is already a daunting task, but to do that and consistently pull in colossal crowds? That’s pretty impressive for a steakhouse that’s only about a year old.⠀

What Josh’s Grill nails on the head is the price versus quality ratio. A two hundred gram cut of Australian ribeye steak with two sides for $23.90++ is just slightly pricier than their competitors, but the superior quality of the steak is undeniable. While my particular cut of steak wasn’t trimmed as cleanly as it should’ve been, it was a tremendously tender steak with an awesome amount of fat marbling running through the beef. The odd spots of gristle aside, there’s no denying that this steak is stellar stuff.⠀

Grilled to a majestic medium rare, this succulent steak is seasoned simply yet superbly. If the standard seasoning ain’t enough for you, there’s always the savoury brown sauce on the side for you to drench your beef in. You don’t really need it, but the sapid sauce is still decently delicious.⠀

As for the sides, the slightly sweet, titillatingly tart & nutty green mango & pineapple Thai salad is a bonafide winner. It effectively counters the steak: the fatty, salty & tender steak is foiled by the sweet, sour & crunchy qualities of the salad. Of course, it wouldn’t be a steakhouse without a baked potato, so Josh’s beautiful baked tater is utterly laden with sour cream & butter for even more hedonism.⠀

For under thirty dollars, this ‘Strayan ribeye is a ridiculously worthy investment. No dips, no crashes, only a bull market at Josh’s Grill with steaks this sterling.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which calls for the most wonderful meat at @cavemen_sg. This is a USDA Grade ribeye that’s been dry aged for sixty days. Not gonna lie kids, this is my first time having dry aged steak after watching @sveverything dry age almost everything in his videos. And boy it is the most memorable steak I’ve ever had, believe me fellas.⠀

Dry aging changes the texture of the steak noticeably. While it definitely stays tremendously tender, the ribeye got more rigid, giving more resistance & an increased satisfying chew. That only lasts for about two chews before it melts in your mouth from the marvellous fat marbling in the meat. As for the flavours, the heavy, meaty unctuousness of the beef increased exponentially, and each bite brought bountiful beefy bliss.⠀

The steak is already splendidly seasoned, so the chimichurri that I chose did make it a bit too salty as it was also liberally salted. Still, the herbal & slightly spicy qualities were appreciated amongst the onslaught of divine bovine, and I interspersed dollops of chimichurri between bites of steak for a little variety. Needless to say, I washed it down with a majestic merlot from New Zealand that I got from @cavemen_sg bottle shop.⠀

My dad picked out an 21 day dry aged in butter Aussie Wagyu Ribeye with a marbling score of 4-5, which is pretty average on paper. However, the Aussie steak was felicitously fatty, and it came damn close to melting on my tongue like a brilliantly beefy butter. The mushroom sauce ($2 extra) was really more mushroom cream. It was ultra creamy, with a generous amount of diced mushrooms, garlic & herbs flavouring the creamy concoction. This sauce is pure, unfettered hedonism, and by God it’s definitely going somewhere on the menu of my last meal.⠀

Cavemen certainly ain’t new, but I finally made time to head down & experience their eats. Sure, my 300 gram steak cost $63++, and my dad’s 280 gram steak cost $51++, but it was completely worth the splurge. Cavemen’s concept of you picking out your meat and paying them an extra $15++ to cook it puts them in direct competition with Culina, but they execute it expertly enough to stand out on their own.

Just like Arnie, I’ll back.


I’m gonna be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting much from @blackpearlsteak two hundred gram Argentine grassfed ribeye ($30++). However, it blew past any expectations that I had, and it might’ve even eclipsed my already sublime USDA Prime ribeye steak by way of the tenderness metric.⠀

Just like my redolent ribeye steak, the Argentine ribeye was seasoned to piquant perfection, and the grill marks on it are absolutely alluring. Beef hailing from Argentina is fairly rare in the sunny isle of Singapore, and while it was my first time trying Argentinian beef, it most certainly won’t be the last.⠀

The steak was so stunningly soft & tender that you didn’t even need to chew on it. No, a couple of firm bites is all you need for the beef to yield. The fat marbling within was exceedingly enchanting, with each bite yielding a matchless mix of delicious fat & satisfying meat. I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but the Argentine ribeye is a diminutive powerhouse of a steak.⠀

I’m not crying for Argentina. This Argentinian grassfed ribeye is so good, it’s enough to make a grown man cry. Yes, this steak is that spendid, and you can take that to the bank.

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Before we begin, I’d like to apologise for the appalling lack of quality in my photos. @blackpearlsteak lighting is great for a relaxed dinner, but not so much for taking #instaworthy photos. With that out of the way, let’s get into the meat of the matter.⠀

Black Pearl bills itself as the best steakhouse in Singapore, and I’m inclined to agree. They’ve got steak from the USA, Australia, Argentina AND New Zealand in a variety of different cuts. I went for the gargantuan, 350 gram USDA Prime ribeye from the land of the free. Yes, it’s $62++, but I swear on God it’s more than worth the price of admission. The tremendously tender beef was felicitously fatty, with a magnificent marbling of fat in the meat, and it was salted to sapid sumptuousness.⠀

I ordered it medium rare and it came just right, with each steak slice offering up minimal resistance as I greedily devoured it all. The béarnaise sauce I selected on the side cut through the richness of the beef quite effectively, and fuelled my carnivorous conquest of this splendid steak. The sides of potato salad & an arugula salad were done decently, but there was absolutely no way they could steal any of the limelight from the unctuous USDA Prime ribeye.⠀

With steaks this stellar, anyone and everyone would be exceedingly eBULLient about dining at Black Pearl Steakhouse.


#meatymondays just ain’t the same when you’re quarantined, so it got me reminiscing on that time I had a carnivore’s paradise on a platter.⠀

The elegantly named Platter for 2 ($60++) has redolent ribeye steak, fabulous fried pork belly, chicken tikka, @tacomantra own chicken wings and samosas stuffed into a little metal tray. The most outstanding item in the platter is doubtlessly the succulent steak. Fabulously fatty, sensationally sapid, superbly succulent and tantalisingly tender, the steak was quite impossible to stop eating.⠀

The chicks were pretty delicious. The chicken tikka was immensely infused with Indian spices and cooked decently, while the wings had that savoury spiciness that made it rather palatable. The wings were a tad overcooked, but when you wash it down with a brilliant beer, it doesn’t really matter.⠀

The pork belly was fantastically fatty with a decently crispy crackling, but it was overly salty. But Taco Mantra has mastered its market very well, they’ve studied their customers and they’re making a 400 IQ play. When you eat something extra salty, what’s your first instinct? That’s right, you reach out for a drink. And what is @freehousesg game? Spot on lad, it’s a beer pub. Thank me for this revelation later.⠀

Also, samosas are better bar food than French fries, you can’t prove me wrong. All these elements make for a real piquant platter, and while splitting sixty two ways is a touch costly, the quality & variety is downright decent. Pretty posh pub grub if you ask me, and it’s undeniably unctuous.

Oh, Freehouse now delivers these platters straight to you doorstep, so now would be a good time to get your meat on.⠀

Mucho grassy ass to @tacomantra for generously hosting us, and to @burpple for setting this up!

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New Ubin at Tampines may be their test kitchen where they perform live human experiments, but they also got some of the old classics that made them great on the menu too. Of course, I’m talking about the USDA Choice grade Black Angus Ribeye. At fifteen bucks per hundred grams, the smallest steak at five hundred grams will blast a seventy five dollar sized hole in your wallet. Is it really worth such a premium?⠀

The answer is yes, it’s worth it when you save it up for a special occasion just to make it even more special. Mind you, USDA Choice is the second highest grade of beef, and Black Angus cattle are renowned for their intramuscular fat marbling. It’s roughly on par with a Wagyu A4, so the price ain’t a ripoff. ⠀

New Ubin cooks their steaks to a delicious default medium rare, which is the absolute ideal steak standard. I have never and will never be a fan of steak being cut up by anyone other than myself, but I was willing to look the other way at New Ubin. The beef was terrifically tender and so sinfully fatty, with just the right balance of fat & meat. The savouriness is simply stellar, even though it’s really only salt & pepper on the steak. But then again, that’s all you need and want on a top notch steak.⠀

The wedges are an afterthought in all honesty, especially when the steak’s served with the scrumptious heart attack fried rice. It’s just rice that’s fried with the beef tallow rendered from the steak during cooking, but it was incredibly irresistible.⠀

Yeah man, this is so good I’d steak-uh I mean steak-no I meant stake. Yeah I’d stake my money on this black beauty, all day everyday.⠀

Thanks @veronicaphua for inviting me, and @newubin for the hospitality!

For a less than thirty seater restaurant, Deli’s Kitchen is fatalistically and foolishly overambitious. Kaarage? Check. Wagyu burgers? Check. Pork belly don? Check. Black Angus Gyu Don? Check that too bruv. Ox tongue served in every imaginable way that includes a wonderfully white bowl of rice? Yep, check. Wagyu Hamburg katsu Don? Check. Katsu Kagoshima pork loin? Oh yeah, check that old chap. Lamb shoulder portions named in honor of Genghis Khan, the Ultimate Chad who impregnated more women than history could count? Check that too.

There are probably a whole lotta good eats on the menu, and one of the outstanding offerings would definitely be their brilliant Black Angus Prime Sirloin Steak Don ($29++). While pricey enough to make you take a step back and reevaluate all your decisions leading up to this point, the return on your investment is arguably worth it.

A mountain of short grain rice is the solid foundation upon which the entire slab of stellar sirloin steak is laid on. The beef weighs in at an acceptable two hundred grams, which isn’t too little, but isn’t much either. The sirloin steak is done to a marvelous medium rare and seasoned simply with salt and ground black pepper, allowing the beef’s innate beauty to shine through. The beef is terrifically tender, and the fat marbling within is breathtaking. It was so tender all I needed to cut it apart was a fork and a spoon, and every bite was beefy bliss. Drizzled lightly with some savory steak sauce and garnished with a measure of crispy deep fried garlic chips, the steak was a superstar.

The salad on the side is there to make sure you get your fiber in, but it’s been significantly jazzed up by the generous addition of Kewpie sesame dressing all over it. And as we all know, sesame dressing makes everything better.

It might be expensive, but veggies, carbs and proteins in the form of that sexy, succulent steak are flawlessly fused together in this bowl of sumptuousness. The result is a mouthwatering meal so perfectly balanced that even Thanos would approve of it.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol. Insta: @okwhotookmyusername

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