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So what did the event really mean to us?
Without having to travel to BKK, the merchandises here probably appealed to the young but not us. Lots of stuff for impulse buyers perhaps.
Most food (though not all) and drinks were highly priced, some just simple items but packaged with lights and colours to hype it up. Got to mention that some food were quite tasty, our favourite Thai pork skewers especially.
Commercialised it may be, but Artbox is still be an event we would still visit. Simply b’cos there just isn’t enough of such entertainment for the deprived SG. Higher price will just be the premium we have to pay for, which we’re already used to it anyway right?
Having said that, our tips to enjoy Artbox?
1. Travel light. Wear comfortable thin clothing. Anyway, really can’t understand those who brought their pet dogs to the event, having to walk over the wet floor and stressed out by the crowd.
2. Avoid peak periods. After 9pm was a good time for us, before most stalls close and when there were lesser crowd.
3. Save the last for less. Towards the last hour of the event, most food and drinks (and some merchandise) would lelong to clear stock. It was almost unimaginable when 2 slides for $12 could go for $2. A good deal to try some of those stuff you previously weren’t so sure about paying for.
Without much expectation, going to Artbox could just be an enjoyable weekend program to break away from the SG routine.