Fluffy buttered buns with a single beef patty, cheese melted onto it, and topped with a sunny side up egg for to elevate the experience. This is one you can get if you think a double cheese burger would be too filling, but a single would not be enough for you. The beef patty was decent, and while they had green chilli and shallots to the burger, there wasn’t anything special about its overall flavour. What I liked about it was how the sunny side up yolk was runny, it made a lot of difference to how oozey and messy this burger would be eaten, in a good way. $3 for a fries upgrade might seem pricey to some, but I thought the Cuban fries was worth it. It comes with cheese, beef brisket and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. It was an interesting flavour, especially how there was pulled beef with it - making the upgrade pretty worth it! For the overall price, and the fact that I am able to get a higher quality of burgers in a food court, I am pleased!