Finding this place can be quite tricky. You'll have to, first, find SS15's Sangkaya then look for the door inside the shop itself to get into this shady kind of place. Jibril itself looks like a lounge instead of a restaurant. Despite it's shady looks, they don't serve alcohol at all!

Jibril is famous for their salted egg butter cause chicken (RM14.90). The chicken chunks is fried with salted egg yolk with a side of creamy butter sauce with some chili padi cuts. My meal was terrific. When most of places I went make their salted egg yolk sauce sweet, Jibril make theirs savory and salty, perfect to be eaten with rice. To finish the meal even more perfect have their sweet and creamy non-alcoholic butterbeer mixed with ice cream called Potter (RM7.90).

A reminder for future dining experience that Jibril allows indoor smoking.