[Halal | Tasting] This is Rayz Bistro's Ribeye Steak ($28?), served with sweet potato fries and a deep brown gravy (unfortunately I forgot to ask if there's any special flavour to it) which is hefty in both portion and pricing. I don't know about the meat maestros, but I thought this was pretty enjoyable? The steak had a considerable umami, beefy flavour which I believe would satisfy one's carnivorous cravings.

The sweet potato fries also deserve a mention here. Their thinly crisp façade encapsulates a part-fluffy, part-mushy sweet potato flesh. Biting into this was as satisfying as biting into a McDonald's fries, I daresay.

My gripe with this, however, is that it is simply good…it doesn't have an edge to it. I'm just not sure if the dish is worth nearly $30 based on taste alone? But given the establishment's location (opposite Wilkie Edge), you would have to have a compelling reason, like celebrating an occasion, to dine in here. In which case, having the Ribeye Steak too shabby of a choice. Otherwise, this place's items may be out of many's price range. (7.3/10)

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