The Tales of

The Tales of

The cafés that have bid their farewell. My café-hopping days can be traced back to as early as September '14, so I have seen some of the places I once patronised close down. Good food is meant to be shared, and so are pictures of them. 🙂
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff

This one’s purely to showcase what else I got on my first and last visit to the place. Well actually, this was what my cousin, who tagged along, got for herself. I did remember thinking halfway through my toast that the waffles would probably taste better than it. 🙃

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[Permanently Closed] I have to be honest – this was one of the cases of the food looking better than it tastes. I can’t give you a very detailed review as to how it tasted, because it’s been 3 months since I had this. I do remember it being passable, yet I also recall it missing a spark or a unique quality.

The way this fort-looking stuffed thick toast is presented makes it so confident, towering and decadent that you just want to bust it open at once. But once you do that, you’re greeted with well…disappointment. In other words, the molten chocolate lava hardly oozed when I had it, which I immediately thought was a red flag.

Then when you get to tasting the toast itself, you’re even more nonplussed at how dull it is – for something that looked as beautifuly constructed as this, it was awfully run-of-the-mill in taste. The Matcha gelato, which was hardly creamy at all, didn’t serve to amp it up either, which reinforced my impression of how unremarkable this was. But I guess it could have been because I came with the expectation that it’d match up to their predecessor’s, Meet & Melt, standards. Perhaps I should have gone for the one that they heavily advertised – their Mentaiko and Raclette Cheese toast.

Then again, I wonder what is the real point of this monologue when the place has ceased operations at the last day of last year. (5.8/10)

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[Halal | Tasting] This is Rayz Bistro's Ribeye Steak ($28?), served with sweet potato fries and a deep brown gravy (unfortunately I forgot to ask if there's any special flavour to it) which is hefty in both portion and pricing. I don't know about the meat maestros, but I thought this was pretty enjoyable? The steak had a considerable umami, beefy flavour which I believe would satisfy one's carnivorous cravings.

The sweet potato fries also deserve a mention here. Their thinly crisp façade encapsulates a part-fluffy, part-mushy sweet potato flesh. Biting into this was as satisfying as biting into a McDonald's fries, I daresay.

My gripe with this, however, is that it is simply good…it doesn't have an edge to it. I'm just not sure if the dish is worth nearly $30 based on taste alone? But given the establishment's location (opposite Wilkie Edge), you would have to have a compelling reason, like celebrating an occasion, to dine in here. In which case, having the Ribeye Steak too shabby of a choice. Otherwise, this place's items may be out of many's price range. (7.3/10)

I was combing my Favourites folder in my phone and I came across this picture from the pre-Kumoya days, when it was known as Karafuru. Their eclairs* were much longer then, and they embodied a wisp of sweetness, which is common among Japanese desserts. 🌬

Not complaining though. I'm glad that they've adjusted towards a new direction cuisine-wise, and under a new name, Kumoya Desserts. This has undoubtedly made them more inclusive of Muslim patrons…or some might dub them the 'halal warriors' hahaha.

Anyway, I wonder what Kumoya is up to these days. Perhaps it may be time for another visit?! 🤔

*Flavours (left to right): Hazelnut, Matcha, Yuzu


(Dec '15) Before Atlas Coffeehouse, there was Assembly nestled along the stretch of Evans Road. If you've been there before, I'm sure you'd know that one of the highlights of their menu was their Earl Grey Waffles with vanilla ice-cream and caramel drizzle. Quality stuff, as far as I can recall. Also, I must say that I'm quite impressed because this picture was untouched when I found it in my gallery.


(NYE 2014) Yes, you're right. This is the simple and straightforward case of waffles and ice-cream, but I recall the ice-cream's flavour being outstanding - I believe it was Spicy Apple Crumble. Everybody who ever tagged along with me on my trips to the now-defunct Café Mondo was surprised at how much they liked it.

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes can remain in solid state at room temperature. 😹


(Dec '14) When Bedok Mall first opened its doors, Snaffle's used to be at the space where Mr. Bean currently is. They sold parfaits in petite cups (think the size of the cover of McDonald's sundaes), which came in three different flavours — Matcha, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Banana. This may seem like a simple and unassuming parfait, but they were shockingly delicious. Their creamy soft-serve was made from Hokkaido milk, they buried chunks of their chocolate cheesecake underneath and laid on some sliced bananas. A safe but splendid combination. I found myself often going back for more on weekends after booking out, but as with all good things, they come to an end. For Snaffle's, I last saw it in Bedok Mall in end-2015. It was truly a shame! At least they still have an outlet in Plaza Singapura, I guess. 🙁


A rather sizeable burger comprising of a hunk of chicken fillet, salted egg sauce (spicy or non-spicy, your choice), some greens, all sandwiched in between two charcoal black brioche buns. If you remember the salted egg burger that Mcdonald's had for a period, forget that one. This is what a salted egg chicken burger should taste like. Give this place tucked along Beach Road a try sometime. There are more interesting items in their menu which I haven't tried. You might just be suprised at the quality of their dishes. (9/10)

All things good; all things food 🥳

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