I never found time to try out @threebunssg, but they found me at home with @deliveroo_sg. Yeah, now I regret every single day that I’ve missed out on all their brilliant burgers. The Fun Boy Three ($26.75 before delivery charge) was a real fungi (geddit?) thanks to yuge portobello mushroom perched upon the thick, marvellously meaty beef patty.⠀

I like big burgs and I cannot lie, you other brothas can’t deny. I want ‘em real thick and juicy, and the Fun Boy Three definitely delivers. The Tasmanian Vintage beef patty is scintillatingly savoury, satisfyingly meaty, and jubilantly juicy. It could do with more char on the exterior, but that’s a minor nitpick in all honesty.

The earthy, moreish mushroom which has been swaddled in melted smoked applewood cheddar just increases the absolute satisfaction of each and every bite. The meat & mushroom is lubed up with a tremendously tantalising truffle aioli AND garlic miso butter, and the lubed up meat is jammed between two fluffy, pillowy and tanned big buns. That ain’t just satisfaction, that’s a food orgasm.

Three Buns’ house fries are absolutely addictive, and despite taking a 45 minute road trip to my crib, they were still compellingly crisp on the outside while being soft & savoury on the inside. Of course, it gets brought back to life after reheating for ten minutes in a conventional oven, and the burger gets a second wind after taking five in an oven.⠀

The Fun Boy Three is certainly expensive, but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t well worth every damn penny I invested into it.

Oh snap brotha I want one right now! 🤤