The Rice Oolong Latte had a nice coming together of rice grains and oolong tea leaves - their earthiness softened by the addition of milk. I liked the combination of bitter and sweet. The pearls were very chewy and slightly gooey on the outside, the kind you get with homemade pearls. Some of which were slightly too big for the straw, so we had to suck with more effort 😅

The Chrysanthemum Latte was great, the fragrance of chrysanthemum in this drink was strong and took center stage. Great for chrysanthemum fans! I liked the honey jasmine jelly, it reminded me of osmanthus jelly.

We visited this tea place on a weekday evening and the seats were surprisingly quite occupied - mostly students studying. Drink took about 10minutes or so to be done. The outdoor seating area is peaceful and cooling. It’s conveniently located right beside Bishan-AMK park, so you could always get a refreshing drink after a nice stroll along nature!

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