Everyone knows the matcha powerhouse that is @hvala_sg - a place that combines both the delectable Japanese tea and the arts. I've popped by the different Hvala outlets here and there but I didn't make a proper visit to try out their gorgeous desserts until recently.

One of the entremets that caught my eye was their Mont Noir. It was a tough decision to pick between the Noir and the Matcha Mont Blanc variation but I went with the Noir in the end.

Filled with chantilly cream, sesame feuilletine, sesame chestnut paste and almond frangipane. The Earthy dessert checked off all my sesame boxes, with a subtle hint of sweetness. Compared to their Matcha offerings, this was much more tamed and definitely helped to cut through the richness if you're having any of their Matcha drinks/desserts.

I still feel like I've not fully explored the menu at Hvala and I'm definitely down to head back soon.