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Curried Scrambled Eggs, Potato Tostones. Visited Kilo Kitchen for their new weekend brunch menu which had was recently launched just two weekends ago. A pretty safe option to go for, the BBQ Grilled Thick Bacon is also rather satisfying; the slabs of thick bacon were juicy and succulent, savoury and smoky from the grilling process; a sheer pleasure for meat lovers. Whilst the curried scrambled eggs carried only a rather light hint of curry, the eggs were pretty well-executed too; creamy and runny being just moist enough and without being too wet. The Potato Tostones were also delicious; the chunky potatoes providing a good bite, whilst being well-seasoned with salt for flavour and also came with crisp curry leaves to further enhance the Asian theme of the other elements on the plate. A pretty quality brunch item; all that in a modern, chic environment that really works well for the lazy weekend brunch.